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COBRA High Load Strap Handler  Hect-OR-oll®


The COBRA® Strap Handler was created by a flat bed trucker, to help flat bed
truckers save time and wear and tear on their arms and shoulders.


The COBRA® Strap Handler launches heavy tie-down straps effortlessly, over your high loads. This patented heavy duty aluminum telescoping rod and precision strap housing gives you the height for perfect strap positioning every time. It also makes placing edge protectors a breeze.

The COBRA® Strap Handler is made of heavy-duty construction aluminum with a baked-on powder coated finish.

No more twisted straps. No more misses. No more re-rolling straps for a second shot. How much time do YOU waste tossing straps? End the pain in your arms and shoulders from throwing straps over your flatbed.

And try the Hect-OR-oll® Strap Roller - a quick and easy way to roll your straps without straining your hands. Comes in right-handed and left-handed versions. Also available in pneumatic and electric versions for even quicker strap rolling.



COBRA High Load Strap Handler for Truckers Full View Photo of the COBRA high load strap handler

The COBRA® Strap Handler is made of heavy-duty construction aluminum with a baked on powder coated finish.

COBRA® High Load Strap
Handler Kit
Model# 4101
$599.00 Online Price



COBRA® Strap Handler Head
COBRA® Aluminum Telescoping Pole
COBRA® Corner Handler
COBRA® Quick Release Snap Attachment
COBRA® Black Threaded End Cap


Cobra Strap Handler




Full COBRA Kit


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